Serve Humanity

Immediate Response

Better Livelihood


Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has emphatically stated that
“No one of you becomes a true believer until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself”
(Hadith-Bukhari & Muslims) 

Islamic Oasis for over 12 years has been working locally and Globally to help those most in need. Our staff has traveled to war torn countries to experience first hand the situation and see what we can do to help!

100% Tranparent Donations Promise
Thanks to the unique way we are able to ensure that 100% of your donation goes to needy people.
Your donation will help us bring a family out of poverty.


Serve Humanity


Immediate Response


Better Livelihood

What We Do

Islamic Aid seeks to make immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of people affected by poverty, war and disaster. Our key focus areas are

After School Program

After school we are providing a islamic knowledge to the students so that they can gain islamic knowledge

Local Ramadan Project

We provide iftar, daily to the peoples who can’t afford the basic of iftar, this all will be  done with your support and charities.

Medical Support

At Islamic Oasis our goal is to work with doctors on the ground who have the same mission as us. We have worked with doctors

Building Homes

We provide shelter to those most in need! Alhamdulillah we have been able to provide housing for Internally displaced people living in tents

Food Packages

We provide $80 food package feeds to family of 7 for 30 days

Water Pumps

Water is life, we have install water pump in mosque and many other places of villages where the people don’t have water for drinking

Global Ramadan Project

Alhamdulillah in ramadan we are providing the iftar to the peoples who cant buy the iftar its all will be happen by your support

Orphan Support

We work to do everything possible to help children living in orphanages and similar institutions to reach their full potential.

Who we are

Islamic Oasis responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations around the world. In addition to our emergency relief efforts in natural or man-made disasters, we also work on long term relief and development programs.



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